To know where you’re going,

you have to know where you’re coming from.

The Place Branding Manifesto

1. Every place is a brand

Values. A purpose. A legend. Places contain meanings as well as expectations. Stories that carry its reputation far beyond its boundaries. Stories told for the love of place.

2. Actions speak louder than logos

Add value. Real tangible value. Be authentic. Be true to yourself. No loose promises. Create new opportunities. Improve the quality of life. Change the place. Be the change.

3. The world is a stage, and your place has a role to play

Claim it! Live the role. Raise your voice. Shine. Like a landmark stands out of the cityscape, customs and values stand out in the experience of a place. Differentiate. Be meaningful. Be a magnet.

4. If you can dream it, you can do it

Your vision. Your future. Co-create it. Share it. Nurture your assets. Challenge your weaknesses. Set goals. Be ambitious. Be effective. Inspire each other. Inspire the world. Go for it!

5. It takes a village to brand a place

Inclusive. Spacious. Tolerant. Places are organic, evolving beings. They are the people. The culture and the history. Engage the communities. Activate the people. Be the brand. Brand the place.

6. It takes a team to get places

Cooperate. Create partnerships. Build platforms. Share resources and have an impact. Communicate. Row in the same direction. Pick up speed. Conquer. Reap the benefits.

7. It takes strong leaders to rock the boat

Infect. Use your enthusiasm. Lead. Be dedicated. Generate positive energy. Engage ambassadors. Find champions. Pathfinders. Ice breakers. Role models. Who’s your hero?


Every journey begins with a first step

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