Every place is a brand

every brand is a call to action

How can we help?

Getting started

From pre-tender support and proposal reviews, to setting up the initial brand partnership structures and generating consensus on action, the panel gets your branding off the ground.

Learning from others

Bringing in perspectives, experiences and best practices from around the world, to expand your choices and avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.


Getting general acceptance and generate input through workshops and media participation, improving citizen engagement and shaping stakeholder involvement.

Review your strategy

Bringing an outsider’s point of view, second opinions and impartial suggestions, as well as perspectives on how your efforts and brand will be perceived internationally.

Communicate, communicate

Advocating and negotiating with stakeholders and citizens, talking to the media, setting up conferences and promoting constructive dialogue.


Immersing ourselves in your programme, for an independent evaluation of your achievements. Improving accountability. Break up gridlocks and get projects back on track.

What is a place, but the people?

places exist in the hearts and minds of people