Place branding expert Niclas Ljungberg

Niclas Ljungberg


dreamer, economist

Niclas holds an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics, majoring in International Business and Industrial Marketing, with a minor in Development Economics. He has developed vision and creative brand strategy programmes for places, government departments, the UN and corporate clients in Asia, India, Middle East and Europe. Niclas has led the entire spectrum of branding programmes, from research to strategy development, to design and communications. His personal quest to have been to as many countries as he is years old keeps him on the road.

Said about Niclas: “They say the best way to predict the future, is to create it. And that’s exactly what Niclas does. With his unique creative perspectives and innovative mindset he is invaluable in dreaming up visions, working around obstacles and setting the stage for the future.”

Niclas helped to explore and define the future direction of Brand Ecuador, running Master classes for government ministers and EU ambassadors, linking the roles of tourism, inward investment, export promotion, cultural relations, and changing scope for ambassadors as key communicators for all aspects of the country brand. The programme was sponsored by the Centre for Promotion of Imports from developing countries, an agency of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Niclas was commissioned by the City Council of Belfast (Northern Ireland, U.K.) to rebrand the city from a place of violence and ‘troubles’ to a one of safety as well as business competitiveness and opportunity. He developed the brand strategy, core proposition, and communications plan, connecting stakeholders across tourism, inward investment, local business, urban regeneration, and local communities.

The ITC is a UN organisation based in Geneva helping less developed countries with export promotion strategies. Niclas developed a number of missions in the Middle East for Ministries of Trade and Industry including a business programme for Egypt enabling SMEs to profit from the internet. In another mission he established a Nation Branding Round Table for Jordan with key public and private sector stakeholders; conducting international best practice reviews, brand architecture mapping and analysis, and brand scenario planning.

Niclas was retained by the IBEF, India Brand Equity Foundation, in partnership with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, to perform an in-depth analysis of Brand India, and the change in perception at home and abroad. Conducting a substantial amount of interviews with key stakeholders across India in business, culture, tourism, entertainment, academia, as well as local and central government ministers, to identity the key value drivers that would help or challenge continued success and growth.