Place Branding Expert Martin Boisen

Martin Boisen


devils advocate, urban geographer

Martin studied Human Geography & Planning. He specialized in the marketing and branding of places as instruments for urban and regional governance. As a researcher and lecturer he is involved in the establishment of place branding and place marketing as an academic topic. As an advisor he’s been involved in more than 50 projects spanning small rural towns to large metropolitan areas and interreg projects. He’s been to more than 600 towns and cities and is keen to visit more.

Said about Martin: “Martin offers singular clarity into how to approach a problem, a project, or programme of work. He is clear in goal-setting and applies a rigorous methodology to ensuring the objective is met. An insightful and passionate speaker with a comprehensive knowledge of his topic and a knack for asking the questions nobody else does.”

The Oslo Region (Norway) is comprised of 79 public partners agreeing on using the brand of Oslo to help position and strengthen the area in cooperation with public and private institutions, companies and the general population. Special attention goes out towards the Olympic Winter Games of 2022, which Oslo hopes to host.  Martin’s role has been to confront the steering committee with critical questions,  and providing advice and second opinions in the formulation of the different tenders and the selection procedure.
With more than 8 million overnight stays and €5 billion spend, Amsterdam (the Netherlands) holds a top-10 position as a tourist destination in Europe. Partly financed by the Dutch Government, partly financed by 2 provinces and 23 municipalities – the project Visit Amsterdam, Experience Holland aims to spread the social and economic benefits of tourism over the whole region. Martin carried out an evaluation of the 2009-2012 period and provided an organisational and financial framework for the continuation of the project for the 2013-2016 period.
In 2013, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Middle-Netherlands) commissioned Martin to investigate short-term actions and long-term goals to strengthen the international position of the City of Utrecht. Using storytelling techniques, the experiences of tourists, international students and expats were confronted with the ambitions of the tourist sector, organisers of fairs and exhibitions, the cultural sector, knowledge institutions and companies in need of foreign talent. The concluding to-do list was well received amongst the stakeholders, and many actions have been carried out already.
The Province of Northern Brabant (the Netherlands) is a thriving region that combines a culture of the enjoyment of life with a strong track record in technological innovation. Companies like Philips and ASML have their roots here, and the region around the City of Eindhoven is one of the most innovative in Europe. From 2011 to 2012, Martin was appointed as scientific advisor in developing a strategy on international relations, international affairs, international acquisition and the development of good institutional frameworks to service international companies and expats already present in the region.