Place Branding Expert Juan Carlos Belloso

Juan Carlos Belloso

Juan Carlos

cultivator, international marketeer
Juan Carlos graduated in Economics and Business Administration at the University of Barcelona, specializing in international marketing at New York University. He is an international renowned place branding expert, advising the City Council of Barcelona for many years on strategy and image all the way through from the success of the Olympics to becoming a contemporary tourism phenomenon. He has advised also clients across Latin America and Eastern Europe on the development and promotion of the cultural and creative industries.
Said about Juan Carlos: “Juan Carlos has truly been there, done that. He offers a wealth of experience and understanding of place branding strategy, implementation and activation, having worked on multiple initiatives all over the world. His experience, insight and clarity bring both width and depth to create unparalleled reassurance for clients and all those that work with him.”
Juan Carlos has developed and managed a wide range of programmes and initiatives for Barcelona (Spain) to promote and celebrate the city. These include the place branding and positioning strategy, international benchmarking, innovative place brand management models, legal strategy and organisational development, as well as cultural sector strategies, ‘City of Festivals’, and urban neighbourhood design strategies. He is a founding member of ‘Barcelona Global’, a private sector-led initiative committed to Barcelona and its future.
The clothing and fashion sector is key for economic development in Argentina. The Argentinean Clothing Association (CIAI) initiated a competitive strategy project, headed by Juan Carlos, with financial support from the BID Inter-American Development Bank, creating an umbrella brand for Argentinean Fashion, to position the sector as well as strengthen it, by improving presence, and increasing sales and profitability.
La Isla de Vieques (Puerto Rico), a natural, unspoilt Paradise 33 miles long and 7 wide, is situated just 5 miles from la costa de San Juan in Puerto Rico. The project, entrusted to Juan Carlos by the major tourism investor Reig Capital Group required the development of a vision, concept and positioning strategy that would allow La Isla de Vieques to promote itself as an emerging and exclusive tourist destination in the Caribbean, with a rich cultural and historical heritage. This project supported economic development, social sustainability and ultimately the competitiveness of the island.
Juan Carlos was retained to bring his international experience to support a local Russian territory branding consultant, to help define the characteristic principles and values of the city of Kirovograd (Ukraine). The principle idea of the project was to position the city as a ‘dynamic, tasteful city’, in every manifestation of taste; from architecture to music to dance and so on, building on existing local community initiatives and values.